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Are you fed up waiting around for a coder or programmer to update your web pages, only to find them lackluster when they are done?
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If you have been nodding your head in response to these questions, then read on...

Today is the day to take back control and start producing website that fit in with your vision and your business goals. Getting the website you have in mind is now possible - and creating it yourself could be much easier than you imagine....

The key to creating a visually interesting, easily navigated and high quality website is to have the right software to produce the site with. Once you master that, you'll be in 'the driver seat' with the opportunity to produce and manage a high quality website all of your own.

If you're looking for a way to take control, then I'd like to share with you the must have information you need to carry out the creation, uploading and updating of your own professional website...

Master The Best Software Around And Manage Your Own Web Graphics & Web Site Creation!

In order to take control of the production of your own websites, the must have program is Adobe Fireworks - this is a powerful software package that integrates with other Adobe products giving you the best solution for the creation of web graphics.

This is the ultimate solution for creating everything from simple vector graphics through to full CSS web pages on which to build your own website. The key to getting the most from this software is knowing precisely how it works and what tools to use for different tasks.

If you freeze at the thought of trying to find this out for yourself - then you need guidance to help you quickly gain the skills you need to fully utilize the Fireworks tools. The question is - where do you find that information?

Dear web graphic creator,

There are a great many programs available for graphics and graphic manipulation - but there is no question that Adobe Fireworks is one of the best on the market. It is little wonder that professionals favor this software.

Fireworks provides you with a means to carry out image manipulation, text enhancement and provides a number of tools to create web specific components that will ensure your graphics, vectors and banners are more dramatic and have the desired impact when placed online.

Whether your interest in using this program is to create simple web graphics for use in promotion of your products, or the complete creation of a webpage or pages - this software provides you with the tools to get the job done. Using Adobe Fireworks is a must when it comes to creating professional results.

You can use the different tools to add pop-out features, create 3D web graphics, integrate background effects and auto-transfer files from other compatible software programs.
The key to achieving outstanding results is knowledge.

Adobe Fireworks is the choice of the experts because it truly offers every tool you need. All you have to do is master the use of those tools for maximum effect....

Discover The Essentials For Professional Web Graphics & Web Site Creation

Using Adobe Fireworks will allow you to create professional standard web graphics, giving you the means to produce and manage your own websites and online promotions. The key to making full use of these powerful tools is to have knowhow about how the program works.

Before I tell you how I can help you to gain that knowledge, let me introduce myself and share a little about how I am able to provide the guidance you need to begin using Adobe Fireworks.

My name is Ely Shemer. I have a background in programming and I've worked closely with both organizations and individuals, training them in the use of many different software packages.

I've learned a lot about how to use a range of programs as part of my work. Having a successful career in IT and software development, I could see that there were a great many people out there who needed assistance and guidance in using a range of software programs.

To help address the needs of every day users looking for support and guidance in learning a range of software package, I began developing training programs to be accessed online. These provide people just like yourself with a wealth of information - delivered in an entertaining and informative tutorial format.

Using Adobe Fireworks will be a breeze once you've worked through the entertaining video tutorials I've put together. With a range of highly useful tools at your disposal, you'll be able to easily create high quality web graphics, import files from other Adobe software such as Illustrator or Photoshop, produce CSS style templates for web pages and much, much more.

Once you've mastered this software, you'll be able to produce creative work that you can utilize for a range of online applications. A lack of knowledge needn't hold you back from succeeding with Adobe Fireworks. If you have been finding the program a bit overwhelming, then now is the time to take control and being to gain the skill needed to master the software.

So without any further ado - I'm pleased to share my solution to the problems of learning Fireworks....

Uncover A Unique Video Series That Guides You Step-By-Step To Adobe Fireworks Mastery!

Don't waste any more of your precious time trying to get to grips with some instruction manual full of jargon or another dull ebook. Starting today, you could begin to truly get the information you need through the power of video tutorials. Mastering Adobe Fireworks becomes easy with my visual guides.

I'll show you precisely what you need to do when carrying out a number of different tasks. Sure the program comes with an instruction manual, but if all you want to do is throw that mess of jargon across the room, then it's time to take real control.

When you sign up for my video tutorial series, you're signing up to take part in an exciting learning experience. The videos contain useful, real time demonstrations of the exact steps you need to take to get the results you want from Adobe Fireworks.

Unlike the many boring eBooks you may have come across before, this is a genuine solution which progressively builds your knowledge. These videos provide you with mountains of information, but the step-by-step visual format guarantees that these are super easy and loads of fun. Now mastering Adobe Fireworks can be enjoyable and fuss-free!

Video is a great format via which to learn, as it goes straight to the point, leaving out the 'fluff' that is all too often present in eBooks. The structured and progressive format of the series means you can progress at your own pace, steadily building your knowledge and giving you the chance to absorb all the information you require before moving on to the next video tutorial.

When you complete the video series, you'll be able to apply that knowledge practically to the tasks you need to undertake using the program. I have absolute confidence in my product - and I'm sure you'll be amazed at the results you'll get as you progress from a beginner to skilled Fireworks user!

You have a fabulous opportunity before you today... If you are serious about mastering the powerful Adobe Fireworks software, here is a rundown on the hints and tips covered in this informative tutorial series:

You'll discover how easy it is to switch to this program from other Adobe interfaces, such as Photoshop
You'll be introduced to tools that allow you to apply styles and layering to text working in Fireworks
You'll discover how to fully utilize the tools offered in Adobe Fireworks, ensuring you fully meet your objectives
You'll get an understanding of how to find your way around the Fireworks software, so that you can work with it more intuitively
You'll uncover how you can create a range of shapes and how to make use of them in the creation of vector graphics
You'll be introduced to object manipulation and working with bitmap graphic vectors
You'll find out how you can create button symbols to use - this is a great one when creating web pages
You'll see demonstrations of how to effectively work doing splices, hotspots and exporting the final graphics

There's so much you'll find covered in the visual tutorials in this series. To learn rapidly and in a more effective way, you simply can't beat the Adobe Fireworks Video Tutorial Series for incredible web graphic results!

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Get More Information & Get It Fast!

The Adobe Fireworks Video Series is the perfect way to learn everything you need to master this program in a visual format. The series covers everything you need to know in a great deal of depth and with visual demonstrations every step of the way.

Nothing can beat this easy to follow format - and that is why those who have used it have had such outstanding results. If you're ready to take control, then you'll find this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. You'll take on a great deal more and do so a great deal faster, by following a visual guide rather than trying to get to grips with an eBook or user manual.

The best bit of all is that my video tutorials will ensure you retain more information and understand precisely how to apply what you've learned in real time when using the software.

The Adobe Fireworks Videos Series is a simple, straightforward solution:

These videos only require a basic set of computer speakers to listen to the tutorials
They are jargon free and easy to understand (even if you are a complete beginner)
They are easily accessed via a standard high-speed internet connection
The videos are entertaining and pleasant to view (ideal if you learn best visually)
The videos can be watched using a standard browser with flash plug-in

The fact is that it simply doesn't get any easier than this. So now let's look at...

The Sequence For The Fireworks Tutorial Video Series

Video 1 - What is Fireworks?

The first video in the series gives a solid introduction to precisely what FireWorks is and what the latest edition can do for you. You'll find out details about the uses of the program and how you can get the best results when undertaking web graphic work using Fireworks.

Video 2 - The Fireworks Workspace

Video 2 covers the many options for personalizing and managing the works spaces in the Fireworks interface. Options covered include the following:
Managing document windows

Docking and undocking panels

Moving, adding and removing panels

Manipulate panel groups, stacking floating panels and resizing panels

Manipulating panels collapsed to icons

Renaming or duplicating a workspace and saving and switching workspaces

Video 3 - Vector Graphics with Fireworks 1

In the third video, you'll be working on the creation and placement of vector graphics in the Fireworks program. You'll learn how to use the program's tools to draw simple lines, as well as shapes including the following:
Straight lines

Rectangles and squares






Video 4 - Vector Graphics with Fireworks 2

Continuing on from what is covered in video 3, this fourth video continues with the creation of vector graphics, providing you with an opportunity to develop more complicated designs, building upon what was covered in video 3.

Video 5 - Bitmap Graphics with Fireworks

Video five covers the ins and outs of creating graphics using the bitmap graphics software and tools, giving extra options for the creation of a range of web graphics.

Video 6 - Working with Text

Text plays an important role in web design. In video six, you'll learn how you can introduce and manipulate text for your graphics work in Fireworks. This is a must see video!

Video 7 - Object manipulation

In video 7 you can view my demonstration on altering images, where I'll show you how to move and elongate them in the graphic you're working on. This useful video is perfect for showing you how to fine tune your graphics work as you go.

Video 8 - Button Symbols

Video 8 guides you through the use of various type features that Fireworks offers for creating button symbols. After completing this video, you'll be able to implement this information in a number of ways when creating web graphics.

Video 9 - Live Filters, Slices & Hotspots

Video 9 looks at creating new by applying live filters to your web graphic designs. I'll demonstrate how you can use filters, slices and hotspots to create a range of effects to add that something special to your designs.


Video 10 - Optimization & Exporting

When you reach video 10 you'll be ready to send your work 'live'. So in this video, I'll guide you through the process of optimizing and exporting what you have created. This tutorial is useful for when you have completed work and you are ready to get them online and ready to go.

I stand behind my promises and I'm confident that you'll see that these videos genuinely deliver you a massive amount of information!

At the completion of the videos, you'll have achieved a greater level of Fireworks mastery than you had ever imagined you could achieve. Once you have mastered the many tools in this program, you'll be able to produce captivating and striking web designs and graphics.

Each video goes into great depth, and you'll realize that what is outlined here is just a brief glimpse at the quantity of first rate information included in this value packed series!

Quite simply there is no other package that provides you with this much depth of information - the Adobe Fireworks Video Series really won't be beaten!

The Adobe Fireworks Video Series is a MUST Have - GUARANTEED to work or it's FREE!

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Video 1 - The Tools You Need

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Video 2 - Windows Movie Maker And Paint

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Video 3 - Techsmith Camtasia Studio

If you want to take it to the next level, Camtasia is a very powerful video creation tool and I'll show you some really cool tricks you can use to brand your videos. Camtasia isn't free, but it's a good investment in your business.

Video 4 - Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Elements is about one third the cost of Camtasia can handle a wider variety of video types, which is nice and can do a large amount of branding as well. If you don't want to dish out a lot of money, this a good tool and it's easy to use.

Video 5 - How to Create Flash Video Pages

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When you order today, you'll have instant access to another six high-quality videos, below, that show you how to start making money with your own videos.

Video 1 - Developing a Marketing Plan

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Video 2 - Uploading Videos Manually

In this video, you'll learn the simple, three-step process for uploading your videos to sites like YouTube and Google Video. It's easy once you know the process. But there are several pieces of the puzzle you'll need to put together before you get started.

Video 3 - Uploading Videos Automatically

Uploading to each video site takes about 5 minutes. So uploading to 30 sites can take forever! In this video you'll discover two sites that help you accomplish the task in 15 minutes or less.

Video 4 - Adding Video to Your Blog

So here's the part where you may feel a bit techno phobic. But don't worry...this video will show you a few shortcuts and tips for quickly adding videos to your blog.

Video 5 - Tracking Results

Many marketers make the mistake of jumping on the video marketing bandwagon without tracking their results. Not knowing if your video is converting leaves lots of room for failure and wasted time. So in this video, you'll learn how to track your results so you know what's working and, of course, what's not...

Video 6 - Making Money From Your Videos

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Adobe Fireworks Videos Series
How to Market Your Videos - The Video Series
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My 100%, Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee

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The comprehensive information in the video series is the very information you need to truly master this Fireworks program. Mastery is not simply about completing a series, but about having the knowledge and confidence to apply the things you have learned in your own work way.

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